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Michael and Elise Stein - Co-Founders of Chuba Creative

Michael and Elise Stein founded Chuba Creative in 2015 out of a love for sharing stories through video. With a focus on small and medium businesses, Chuba Creative is a full-service video production company. We skillfully intertwine concept and script, then masterfully film and edit - all with the focus of bettering your business. At Chuba Creative, we want to connect your heart and passion with your audience to share your story. 

What's a Chuba?

One of the first things that comes up in conversation when talking about our company is the name. What is it? Who is it? Well, here’s the story. “Chuba” was our son’s first word. He would say it to us with a full belly laugh and would get us laughing in turn. We never knew what it meant but we pictured this jolly purple fuzzy monster. Michael sketched it out and it became our beloved Chuba man. 

Michael Stein

Co-Founder & Creative Director

It’s not surprising that Michael’s lifelong passion for technology and things with buttons eventually led him to a camera. After developing his creative eye as a photographer for his college paper, his focus shifted to telling stories through video. As Creative Director, Michael splits his time on site capturing footage or glued to the edit suite crafting the next story. After hours he plays video games with his son and daydreams of racing in Formula 1. 

Elise Stein

Co-Founder & Production Manager

Ever since she could hold a pencil, Elise has been making to do lists and reveled in arranging what needs to be done. As Production Manager, Elise keeps projects on track to ensure your company meets its goals with video marketing. After hours she parents three amazing children and gathers people at her dining table for homemade meals.

What's a Chuba

Recent Clients Include

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Henry Crown and Company
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