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3 Videos Every Business Needs

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

When you first start video marketing, it can be overwhelming to know where to focus your efforts for the best result. There are many different types of videos and it can quickly become overwhelming to even begin. Where should you start? Read on.

There are 3 videos that are crucial to your marketing strategy, and therefore a great place to begin.

1. Product Explainer - Demonstrate the What, How, and Why

The first video you should create is the Product Explainer video. This demonstrates what your product does, how it works, and what makes it better. This is your chance to demonstrate why someone might be using your product or service. It’s a chance to showcase how what you do or sell makes someone’s life easier, better, or more fulfilling.

Bespoke Flipbooks wanted to start selling custom flipbooks that you create using your videos. A picture just isn’t quite enough for this product. In the video below, you’ll see how we explained their product. Without using any narration, we showed some fun videos that grab your attention and then transition that video into a flipbook form. Now you’ve seen what it is. Next we wanted to explain how you can make your own. Through the Shoot, Send Share sequence we show how you create it. Finally, to show why you’d want to make this, we showed someone the product and the joy it brings to them.

Let’s take another example with a service or experience rather than a physical product. In this case you want to showcase what your audience can expect. Let’s take a look at this video of Cork and Chroma, a paint and sip studio. In this video what they were advertising is the launch of their second location. If you’re reading this stateside, Sydney and Brisbane landmarks might not be quite as recognizable but we wanted to show the two locations for the locals. To show how Cork and Chroma works, we showcase the process of coming in, grabbing a brush and letting your creativity come alive, all in a light hearted style that really demonstrates what a fun atmosphere they’ve cultivated. As for why you’d want to book in, the smiles, selfies, and joy say it all.

So that’s your Product Explainer video - demonstrate what your product is, how it works, and why someone might need it.

Checkout some of our Product Explainers here.

2. Customer Testimonial

The next video to implement is the customer testimonial. We run into reviews and testimonials all the time, especially online with things like Yelp and Amazon. Testimonials help customers feel more confident in your business and the services you provide. It gives them the opportunity to see how this service has impacted someone and can forecast what it would be like for them as well.

In the following video, Eileen Brennan, a real estate agent wanted to share what it’s like to work with her. Through interviews with clients, you are able to hear about the experience.

Checkout another Customer Testimonial here.

3. Company Story

The third video to create is a Company Story. A Company Story video lets you show off what makes your business special and unique on a human level. By talking about the stories that created or shape your company, you can connect on a more personal level. Why is that important? When people are able to associate familiar faces and names with a business, they can feel a strong connection to it, and ultimately have a positive experience with your brand.

In this example, Beth, as an author, is the brand itself. Beth wanted to give an update to her YouTube channel about a new book she was launching. By showcasing her journey of writing this book, it helps bring her audience into her process and give them a bit of a behind-the-scenes feeling all while discreetly advertising the book launch itself.

How do you go about sharing your company story? It’s really quite simple. Share a bit of what makes you you - how’d you get started, what was the motivation, what kind of mark do you want to leave, what you’re most proud of... just open up.

The bottom line is to share some of the company with the viewer so they feel some sense of in-the-know and connection with the brand. It invites them into your sphere.


So there you are. Those are the 3 videos all businesses can utilize. Showcase what you do with a Product Video, build audience trust with a Customer Testimonial, and present who you are with a Company Story. With these three videos you’ll help build trust, establish credibility, and connect on a human level with your audience.


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