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Do You Need Video Marketing?

One of the demands of owning your own business is deciding what would be the best investment of your marketing budget? Content marketing has dominated for the past several years, and while that’s still going strong, video marketing continues to gain more ground every day, which leaves the question: do you need video marketing? We came up with three reasons why you might.

Reach a New Audience

In most cases, video marketing can help you reach a new audience. While text can help your SEO, and millions of people read blog posts every day, more and more of those people are switching to video. If there’s an audio and/or video format of a blog post, most people will opt to watch the video or listen to the audio, rather than reading the blog post. It’s more engaging and less mentally taxing for them.

Faster Engagement

According to Psychology Today, the human brain processes video 60,000 times faster than it processes text. Because videos are more engaging, your audience is more likely to watch it through to the end than they are to read through your entire blog post.

Grabbing and holding someone’s attention is harder to do in a blog post than in a video. Because our eyes are automatically drawn to movement, videos that start to play automatically when the page is downloaded, are much more likely to grab the viewer’s attention and hold it for the duration of the video (especially if it’s a short video). By contrast, most people who do reach the bottom of the web page spend more time scanning the subtitles throughout your blog post than actually reading the content in depth, so you’re more likely to get through to them with a video than with a blog post.

Higher Conversion Rate

When done right, a marketing video on a landing page has the potential to increase your conversion rate by as much as 80%. The odds of a video converting a prospect into a lead go up if there’s a lead capture form in the first 10-20% of the video and the thumbnail contains a smiling face (which instantly makes the subject more attractive and engaging, and by extension, the company).

Since people are more likely to watch a video than read a blog post through to the end, the odds of a lead capture form early on in the video have a much higher success rate than a link at the bottom of a blog post – which the reader may or may not ever reach. If they do reach it, they’re less likely to click on it because they’re less likely to have read all of the preceding content. By contrast, an engaging video can be much more effective at capturing those leads and convincing them to buy (or sign up).

Check out this video for Byway Brewing as an example. By showcasing their trendy venue, smiling faces and demonstrating what sets their food and beer apart, they're sure to draw in customers. (Tip: If you find yourself in the Hammond, IN area be sure to stop in and try their signature Stosch.0 beer and the poutine - Yum!)

If you’ve been thinking about getting into video marketing, but aren’t sure where to start, we at Chuba Creative are here to help. If you have any questions about video marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional.


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