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Starting Video Marketing? Here Are the Tools You’ll Need

No matter what job you need to get done, it’s imperative that you first get the proper tools. If you’re doing your own video marketing, you can make quality videos on your own without spending a fortune on supplies.

A Camera

You can invest in a high-quality video camera if you have the budget, but you can probably just use your smartphone. Later generations of smartphones in particular have developed better and better camera quality, as well as better and more advanced editing tools right on the smartphone itself. This means you’re ready to take a marketing video on the spot wherever you are and you don’t have to spend any of your marketing budget on extra tools.

A Tripod

Just holding the phone in one hand and extending your arm for a selfie can work for some marketing videos (especially if they’re short), but sometimes you need something that looks a little more professional. If you’re using your smartphone, there are inexpensive tripods available that will hold your smartphone in place while you make the video. There are full-length tripods, but some of them are short and intended to be placed on a table or desk, which makes them (and your video marketing) extremely versatile. Our favorite for on the go stability is the GorillaPod. It's bendy limbs make it extremely versatile and best of all, under $20. Still others are adjustable, so consider where you’ll be making most of your videos (or if you know yet where you’ll be making them) before you decide on a tripod. If you opt for buying a dedicated camera for your videos, you might want to look into the best tripods available for that camera.

A Well-Lit Space for Making Videos

Lighting and color are two of the most important qualities in a video. It’ll be hard for your audience to engage with the video or be persuaded by it if they can’t see everything that’s going on, so it’s imperative that you have proper lighting for your video. Remember that everything appears darker on video, so if you feel like the space is too bright, it’s probably just right.

You can invest in some studio lighting kits, but you can usually make do with a well-lit area that’s full of natural light. Natural light is ideal because it because it gives everything that warm glow and it casts shadows, which provides contrast in your video. If you do decide to go with natural lighting, just remember to position yourself and the camera so that the light is shining on you, not from behind you. Light coming from behind you creates a glare on the camera lens and blinds your audience.

To show you that creating videos can really be with what you have at your disposal, take a look at this video we made with nothing more than an iPhone.

On a recent project, we needed to get a dozen people from around the world and with no prior experience making videos to send me two clips to be part of a larger video. I made a quick video to show people how to look and sound best on their own videos, and the results were great! Best of all, it only took about an hour and required none of my expensive gear. The whole thing was shot on an iPhone. Depending on the size and scope of the project, you probably have the tools you need in your pocket with the phone you already own.

If all this sounds like more of a hassle than you’re willing to deal with, that’s OK. That’s why we created Chuba Creative – to help busy professionals like you grow your business by creating stunning videos that tell your story. Reach out to get started on telling your story today.


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